HyTech Racing


Jeffrey Ding Team Lead (President)
Ayush Jha Treasurer
Jonathan Rogers Advisor
Nathan Cheek Electrical Team Lead
Siddarth Sreeram Mechanical Team Lead
Jarrett Schalch Chief Engineer


HyTech Racing is a student team at the Georgia Institute of Technology that formed with the intent of competing at the Formula Hybrid International Competition. The annual Formula Hybrid International Competition is an offshoot from the prestigious Formula SAE Competition. Hosted by Dartmouth College, it has been held five times starting in 2007 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. From late April to early May, teams from educational institutions around the world bring plug-in hybrid-electric, open-wheeled vehicles to perform in a variety of design and performance challenges. Design, Endurance, Autocross, and Acceleration events emphasize the importance of a balance between performance and efficiency. Our team formed in October of 2011 with a daunting goal in mind: to design, build, and test a hybrid vehicle in less than seven months. In order to accomplish this goal, we apply knowledge learned in the classroom to produce a high-performance, fuel-efficient machine. The design and build of a HyTech vehicle represents a vastly interdisciplinary process that will test our members on many levels. The knowledge and skill set that we can gain through a hands-on project will improve our ability to add value to any organizations we become a part of in the future. We have a designated office and prime warehouse space in Georgia Tech’s Student Competition Center where we will design and build our vehicle. The primary objectives for HyTech Racing are as follows: • Provide hands-on engineering and organizational experience • Allow students to seek creative solutions for performance and efficiency in motor vehicles • Produce a competitive hybrid vehicle for the team’s first event that can be improved in coming years