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Represent Georgia Tech for an Award Ceremony 17J236 Joint Failed 2017-03-31
Resolution Expressing Condolences: Prof Thomas Lux 17J169 Joint Passed 2017-02-07
GT Bhangra Raas Rave and Bhangra Blitz Fees 17J172 Joint Passed 2017-01-18
Election Code Revision 17U016 Undergraduate Passed 2017-01-12
FLOcial 16U030 Undergraduate Passed 2016-03-27
HackMIT Hackathon 16J014 Joint Passed 2015-08-26
Mid Atlantic Case Competition- Travel Support 15J183 Joint Tabled 2015-04-05
Allocation to Student Gov't: SGA Chair Replacement Undergraduate Tabled 2013-05-08
Allocation to SGA vs. RHA Football Game 13U040 Undergraduate Passed 2013-04-08
Allocation to Undergraduate End of Year Banquet 13U042 Undergraduate Passed 2013-04-08
Bylaws Amendment 13U041 Undergraduate Tabled 2013-04-08
Appointment of Chief Justice of the UJC 13U038 Undergraduate Tabled 2013-04-01
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Bill 13J201 Joint Passed 2013-03-31
Friday Buzz 13U036 Undergraduate Passed 2013-03-31
International Student Football Clinic Funding 13U037 Undergraduate Passed 2013-03-31
Allocation to SGA vs. RHA Football Game Undergraduate Tabled 2013-03-25
Resolution Supporting Removal of Tobacco Products 13J183 Joint Failed 2013-03-11
Quest for West 13J178 Joint Failed 2013-03-05
Resolution Celebrating James M Hickerson 13J177 Joint Passed 2013-03-04
Quest for West Undergraduate Tabled 2013-03-03
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