China Care Club



Georgia Tech China Care Carnival 18J227 Joint Passed 2018-02-19
GT China Care Youth Program Background Checks 18J206 Joint Failed 2018-02-11
GT China Care Annual Cure Your Cravings Dinner 18J079 Joint Passed 2017-10-13
GT China Care Table cloth 17J237 Joint Passed 2017-04-02
China Care Carnival 2017 - WITHDRAWN 17J157 Joint Tabled 2017-01-27
GT China Care: Cure your Cravings 2016 - WITHDRAWN 17J045 Joint Tabled 2016-09-19
[GT China Care Club] Spring Carnival Bill 15J131 Joint Passed 2015-02-08
Cure Your Cravings with China Care 15J085 Joint Passed 2014-10-31
China Care Carnival 14J172 Joint Passed 2014-02-22
Georgia Tech China Care Carnival 13J138 Joint Passed 2013-02-10
Cure Your Cravings with China Care 13J066 Joint Passed 2012-10-21
GT China Care Club Carnival 12J121 Joint Passed 2012-02-05
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