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Equestrian Club: Dressage Team Addition Joint Authored 2017-09-19
Equestrian Club Adhoc cuts from FY18 18J028 Joint Agenda 2017-09-14
IHSA Regionals - WITHDRAWN 17J191 Joint Tabled 2017-02-15
Judson College Show--Travel 17J165 Joint Failed 2017-02-03
Team Competition Funding 17J166 Joint Passed 2017-02-03
Auburn University Show Joint Created 2017-01-13
Equestrian Team Competition Funding 17J137 Joint Passed 2017-01-13
Huntseat Facility Fees 17J148 Joint Passed 2017-01-13
Western Facility Fees 17J147 Joint Passed 2017-01-13
Facility Fees Joint Created 2017-01-13
Team Training Sessions 17J081 Joint Passed 2016-10-24
Equestrian Team Competition Funding 17J066 Joint Passed 2016-10-14
Semi-Finals Entry Fees and Travel 16J200 Joint Passed 2016-03-02
Equestrian Club Spring Competiton Funding 16J149 Joint Passed 2016-01-24
Equestrian Team Entry Fees 16J090 Joint Passed 2015-10-22
Equestrian Club Competition Funding 16J032C Joint Passed 2015-09-09
Semi Finals Entry Fees and Travel 15J154 Joint Tabled 2015-03-07
12J021 Conference Committee Version 12J021C Joint Passed 2011-10-04
Georgia Tech Equestrian Team Budget 12J021 Joint Tabled 2011-09-06
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