Velodrome Training Passes Joint Awaiting Author 2018-01-19
Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships 18J049 Joint Passed 2017-08-31
New Cycling Trailer 17J246 Joint Passed 2017-04-07
USAC Collegiate Road Nationals 17J238 Joint Passed 2017-04-03
Milligan Conference Race Entry Fees 17J205 Joint Tabled 2017-02-28
Cycling Cyclocross Entry Fees Joint Created 2016-10-07
Cycling Mountain Nationals Championship 17J057 Joint Passed 2016-10-03
Cycling Track Nationals Championship 17J024 Joint Failed 2016-09-01
Cycling Team - Velodrome Fees 16J231 Joint Passed 2016-03-29
Cycling Team - New Team Bicycles 16J187 Joint Passed 2016-02-15
Cycling Team Race Equipment 16J003 Joint Passed 2015-08-18
USAC Collegiate Fees 16J004 Joint Passed 2015-08-18
Cycling Team Track Passes 15J190 Joint Passed 2015-03-31
Cycling Team Road Race Entry Fees 15J135 Joint Passed 2015-02-18
Cycling Team New Mountain Bikes 15J130 Joint Passed 2015-02-09
2015 USAC Collegiate Cycling Licenses 15J059 Joint Passed 2014-10-15
2014 Collegiate Mountain Bike Cycling Nationals 15J063 Joint Tabled 2014-10-04
2014 Collegiate Track Cycling Nationals 15J022 Joint Passed 2014-09-19
2014 Collegiate Road Cycling Nationals 14J217 Joint Passed 2014-04-14
GT Cycling - Road Race Fees & Travel, USAC License, Tent 14J123 Joint Passed 2014-01-05
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